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Taboo Science

Sep 23, 2021

Why do we have such big butts? Why does society admire women's butts more than men's? And what does race have to do with all this?  

Featuring Dr. Jeanne Bovet, senior lecturer at Northumbria University in Newcastle.


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Sep 9, 2021

It affects 1 billion people worldwide, so why is disability considered a niche issue? How can we make life easier for people with disabilities? And what does any of this have to do with As Seen on TV products?

Featuring Emily Ladau, disability rights activist and author of the new book, “Demystifying Disability: What...

Aug 26, 2021

What is depression, really? Do antidepressants actually work? And how can ketamine and psilocybin possibly help?


Featuring Gerard Sanacora, director of the Yale Depression Research Program and Co-director of the Yale Interventional Psychiatry Service.


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Aug 12, 2021

Why do we remove our body hair? Why do humans have less hair than our primate cousins? And why was Darwin obsessed with beards?


Featuring Rebecca Herzig, author of "Plucked: A History of Hair Removal." Pick it up here:


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Jul 29, 2021

They're complex, mysterious, and easy to blame for everything from unexplained symptoms to seemingly superhuman abilities. Find out how we discovered hormones, what they do inside of us, and who's really controlling who.  

Featuring Randi Hutter Epstein author of "Aroused, the History of Hormones and How They Control...